A Notary is a lawyer who is authorized to verify and / or approve and prepare certain legal documents that require his signature in accordance with the Law.

The notarial certificate constitutes confirmation of the identity of the signer or the fact that the document was signed in free will of the signer. Notary documents are intended to be used as evidence in courts or before other authorities, both in Israel and outside in accordance with the Apostille Convention.

Israeli law regulates the notary’s occupation in the notary law of 1976. In different countries different notary positions can be distinguished, in particular between the position of the “public notary” and “private notary”.

The occupation and abilities of the notary

  1. To verify a person signature on any document;
  2. to certify that the signer on the document, in sighing on behalf of another, and has been authorized to do so;
  3. Confirm a copy;
  4. Confirm a document translation;
  5. Accept and confirm affidavit and other declaration;
  6. To confirm that a person is alive;
  7. Confirm the correctness of inventory;
  8. Conduct a negotiable document;
  9. Edit or otherwise act on a document when editing or taking action by a notary is required or permitted by law, including foreign law;
  10. Use the powers of public notary under another law;
  11. Verify prenuptial agreement between spouses, signed before marriage;
  12. To authorize the making of a will;
  13. Approval and translation of documents;

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