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Real estate Law, Commerce and Litigation

About Us

Spector & Co. – Law Firm specializes in providing legal services in real estate Law, commerce and litigation.

We represent individuals, contractors and entrepreneurs in purchasing or selling properties, apartments, houses, projects of evacuation and construction and TAMA 38.

We accompany our client’s through the whole process of purchasing and signing the contracts until receiving the key, while providing reliable and professional services and giving solutions to the matters brought to us by our clientele.

We also specialize in providing services to foreign resident’s and investors in Israel, especially in light off  the development of the global economy; the various tax laws and restrictions in accordance with the tax treaties and Prohibition money laundering laws in the OECD.

All based on knowledge and experience while providing courteous services adapted to the client’s needs.

The firm sees itself as an integrated office that provides a business / economic / legal solutions to all its clients in their daily life. Enabling a “one stop shop”, with the clients legal and economic needs in mind.

All in several languages: Hebrew, English, German and Romanian.

We will be happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries

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    10 Smilansky st., Beit Alon, 5th floor, office 412, Netanya 4243212